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Therapeutics of Cybele

The Therapeutics of Cybele includes a cycle of therapeutic methods of the Great Mother, which were completed throughout years of research, spiritual request and discoveries. It is one of the direct connections with the most ancient knowledge of Great Mother’s tradition, which was downgraded, and forgotten throughout the years.

The highest wisdom of Great Mother, through these practical sessions, can lead to a connection with the universal archetypes, aiming at tranquility, therapy, self-knowledge, finding the personal strength.
The session of the Therapeutics of Cybele is applied after personal conversation.

Our effort is to stay away from the fashion of the new age practices and remain faithful to the tradition, searching for the authenticity, with respect to the holy aim of Therapy.

(The Therapeutics of Cybele does not replace or substitute any kind of medical treatment).

The title, the organization, the structure and performance of the Therapeutics of Cybele are under all copyright laws by NEKTAR.