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NEKTAR was founded in 2016 –but was planned… much earlier! – through discussions which always led to smiles, because Nektar is mainly created with love.
Love for light, for the original, for the traditions, for learning, for art, for healing.

Believing that our everyday life can become better (and we deserve to make our lives better), Nektar selects the subjects of events by taking into consideration the well-being, the knowledge and our return into Nature and the “heart” of life.

Konstantina Rodi



Konstantina Rodi

I was born in Athens and in the years that I lived until graduating from my training in technical and general education, there were not any notable events. When this education was coming to an end, I decided that there were many different paths that I could choose. So I became an actress, Cinema and Theatre director, assistant anaesthesiologist, also learned some languages -which even today are a dearest subject to me… The writing projects, books -translations and the Hellenic language, as well. For more than ten years I was a close disciple in Tibetan Buddhism, receiving rare and «hard-to-find» initiations of archetypes (yidams), which are rarely given outside Tibet, being special teachings of the buddhit-tantric tradition.
My first steps in the world of «Energy and Healing» started when I met Reiki. The traditional reiki of Ushui and Karuna Reiki, in which, both, I received the master degree. The next path of learning and practicing -for many years- was the Akashic Records system; the comprehensive healing of Soul and Consciousness, both for individual and the Whole.
I started practicing in the Andean Tradition when Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado started to teach in Greece. I share this knowledge exactly the way I received it; still receiving knowledge -also from Americo & Gayle Yabar, as well as from Elizabeth Jenkins.
The practice, research and love for the Hellenic Tradition, now opened a new path – the one of the Great Mother as was formed through the ancient traditions.
The organization of events, seminars, conferences and tourist packages, is a subject on which I work for the last decades.