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Karuna Reiki

Karuna is an act of mercy. An act of love. An action performed in order to stop the suffering. Is a word of Sanskrit root.

The Karuna Reiki was created much later than the traditional reiki of Ushui. Its purpose is to proceed to a deeper healing, for psychological issues for example, in order to heal wounds. You act with the voice, with wisdom, with your whole being, consciously.

The initiations are given only to masters of the Ushui reiki system and are also divided into three levels. For convenience we give the initiations of Karuna Reiki on two levels:


Here we are taught the specific symbols, since they have a particular importance as the keys to Karuna Reiki – we learn how to perform a deep treatment.


The «master» level of the Karuna Reiki, where we receive the final teachings and are able now to teach. It is understood that for this level, you need first to complete the first two stages.

The initiations are given individually and in groups.