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Andean Healing Methods

In the Andean tradition, this ancient art that was preserved by the Incas and their descendants, you never work alone. Thus we were told by our teachers, and thus it is confirmed every time we come across this respectable path.
A treatment of the soul and the mind, relaxation, reconnection with Nature and the Metaphysical.
And who we work with? We work with the entire world. Earth. The wind…. The spirits of Nature.

A therapeutic method which refers to the complete connection with the forces of Nature, and their guidance with intention in a way that offers a direct healing, a direct alleviation and a relaxation of the mind and soul. There are people who travel to South America, seeking for well-being advices or in order to meet this ancient practices, but now we are in the position to offer such kind of therapeutics in Greece as well.

Keynotes: None of the therapeutics is a substitute of the medical treatment that someone can follow– but can help in a supportive and deeper role, approaching the problem in a holistic way, dealing with the problem as a symptom of a possibly deeper cause.